Now that you have Solana, USDC, USDT in Solana chain, you're ready to buy $APHD tokens.
First of all you can buy Applehead Tokens thought Google Forms what you get in our partners.
Do not fill out external Google Forms that are not created by us and are not owned by our partners.
Please only send USDT, USDC or Solana network tokens in this wallet address 4JjH2GgqC5QCyePCM466DNTU1Cb62br1Pmpx4aCUKa4F, this is Applehead official contract address. We will send the tokens to the wallet address you entered within a maximum of 24 hours. Make sure you add your Solana wallet(Phantom, Solflare etc.) receiving address to receive $APHD tokens.
Use only Solana chain!
We are not listed in any exchanges please don't use your exchanges Solana wallet address to receive $APHD tokens! Coins sent to the wrong address will disappear forever!
In order to avoid mistakes, we recommend making the first transaction for a smaller amount, and once you have received your first tokens, you can already make a larger investment.

1. Enter Your Solana wallet address to receive Applehead tokens(Phantom, Solflare etc.).

2. After you send Solana, USDT or USDC to this address: 4JjH2GgqC5QCyePCM466DNTU1Cb62br1Pmpx4aCUKa4F

There is field Search for blocks, accounts, transactions, programs, and tokens. You need to insert there your Solana wallet address.

After you inserted Solana wallet address in previous field you tracked new page where you can find transaction signature address, click in your transaction signature link.

After you copied Signature address paste it in Google Forms.

Hit Submit and there you go. We will send the tokens to the wallet address you entered within a maximum of 24 hours.

Need Support?

Applehead team members are standing by to assist you. Join our Discord channel or contact our support e-mail ([email protected]) and we will help you.
Do not fall for scammers and remember that Applehead team members will never message you first, ask for your seed phrase or private key.